We’re Having What?????

July 5th is sort of a holiday too. It rivals the day after Thanksgiving for the most left overs. There’s going to be a lot of cold pizza eaten today.

Today is going to be a long workday for many people. The die hard revellers who not only stayed up until the end of the professional fireworks display, but then came home for their own personal fireworks show. It’s also one of the least productive work days.

I drifted off to sleep a little after midnight, thinking my house had somehow become a compound and was under heavy fire. I survived, obviously, but I’ll bet we’ll all hear about some knuckleheads and I don’t have any Koolaid in the house.

I think it’s strange that as soon as the ATF and FBI agents start firing at a dwelling, it is quickly renamed a compound. I want to live in a compound. I wouldn’t do any really weird stuff like telling friends and family that the world is ending and I wouldn’t stockpile weapons. Also, I would name it compound w, so anyone plagued with warts could come there for treatment.

I would stockpile XBox and PlayStation consoles and games so we could pretend that it’s D-Day by playing all kinds of shoot ’em up, bang bang games, then everyone goes home and it is now just a house again.

Nothing but burned out fireworks in the street and bombs still going off in your head, which does nothing to help the hangover that has already started your day off pretty bad. Then you go to work and have the least productive day of your year.

I just buy a red, white and blue cake, put a sparkler in it, play the “Home Alone” segment where the crazy dude starts firing at people. That’s fun!

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