The Dalia Parton

I just read an article that read reincarnation is making a comeback.

Note: this blog its not meant to disparage anyone’s beliefs.

If reincarnation is true, I’m not sure as to what I would like to be. Certainly not a politician, who make a strong argument for reincarnation. No one can get that messed up in just lifetime.

Maybe a fly. I hear people always saying they wish they could be a fly on the wall in some meeting. That’s assuming I could understand what is being said and be able to pass the important information along. Plus they only live for maybe a week, so I don’t think so. I’d probably come back again as Jeff Goldblum and who wants to do that?

I think it would be funny if Dolly Parton changed her name and became The Dalia Parton. That way, everyone would revere her and seek her advice. She could hang out in her theme park and rarely come out. There would be Dalia sighting rumors.

She could meet with Presidents and other world leaders and give them advice that she got from her mama. She might even become more well known because she can sing. She could start every meeting by singing “9-5”.

Entertainment and sage, Southern advice? Who could ask for more? She might even offer some southern fried chicken! Wait, I wonder if she cooks? If not, she would have someone else do it for her. Either way, I’m sure it would be delicious.

I think I’ll write her a letter outlining my suggestions. If you don’t hear from me for a while, it means I’ve been locked up in a Looney Bin somewhere.

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