Fantastic Medical Device!!

I think it would be funny if in “Castaway”, when Tom Hank’s character is found, he went to school, became a dentist and performed all tooth extractions with an ice skate.

The first word that comes to mind is “Ouch”!! But then we realize that after he performed the procedure on himself, he immediately went to sleep, it didn’t get infected after the tooth was extracted and it was free!!

I think if I ever have to have a tooth pulled, I’ll bring in an ice skate and have my Dentist (Monarch Dental in Riverdale, UT), knock it out with the skate. No anesthetic, just knock it out and let me sleep it off.

It would be much faster for the dentist and it’s more than a little unusual and I doubt if insurance would cover it, but they could charge less because there is no anesthetic and it’s fast, so you make up the money you would normally charge in volume. Plus, they would probably be on the news, which might help business.

Sure, it might end up with a prison sentence, in which case he could write a book called “Skating my way to prison”. I’m sure It would be a best seller and soon he’d be joined by other dentists who read the book and decided to give it a try. The original dentist would develop a cult following and be their leader.

How cool would that be? I’d like to be a cult leader. I could be like one of those dooms day knuckleheads who predict the end of the world. But instead of convincing my followers that the world will end in a month, I would say 50 years. That way, I would be long gone when they find out it was a hoax.

In the meantime, I would live like a king, have no financial problems and people would think I am a genius! That’s it. I’m doing it. “The world will end on August 5th, 2066”. Follow me. Oh, and give me all of your money.

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