Howdy, Neighbor!

Our neighbor had a yard sale. Annoyed by all of the traffic, I offered her $100 for everything. Then I realized I would never use any of it, so I put up some signs, sold the stuff and made $300. My neighbor is still not talking to me.

Unbelievable. We were having a fire in our legal fire pit, when our neighbor behind us stuck his head over the fence and asked us if it was necessary to have a fire because they like to have their windows open and they can smell the smoke. I know! When it was obvious that we weren’t going to put the fire out, he said “That’s not nice”. and disappeared. We still enjoyed our fire. Sheesh!

It’s fun to have good neighbors. They can become great friends, remain unknown or become bitter enemies. Our next door neighbors, Dennis and Carol have become great friends, while the knucklehead behind us does nothing but alienate us all.

Bad neighbor to the right with the tree.

The fact is, it IS necessary to have these fires. They are very relaxing which is a very important element in the treatment for my illness. The seizures are stress triggered and there are few things more soothing to me than a camp fire.

So, following a stressful night, getting very little sleep the night before, I was getting Heather a soda last night, had a seizure and dropped like a rock on the hardwood floor. Heather helped me recover from it, and now my new knee is swollen, my other knee hurts, as does my back, neck and shoulder.

I shouldn’t have let it get to me that badly, but I was angry. I wish I could have just laughed and shrugged it off, but I couldn’t seem to do that. I was in “seizure mode” all day and there was no warning this time.

Great friends and neighbors

I really need to be able to just let it go. God teaches us about forgiveness and I need to figure that one out. In time, I know I’ll do it, unless he freaks out next Saturday night when we do it again.

3 thoughts on “Howdy, Neighbor!

  1. Sorry to read of your seizure Jerry.
    It can be so difficult to get a balance, the world being ….well the world, and folk being…folk.
    We live in a Barbie-q zone (Brits don’ t have the same class as yourselves; it’s just a case of ‘too much flammable liquid, and let’s burn the meat while we swill down beer’)…. we sigh and close the windows and eventually the whole thing goes away and since there is no loud music or raucous behaviour no one says anything about it-
    Hope you are feeling better soon.

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