Falling Rocks!!!

When I was a kid, I’d see signs that read, “Watch For Falling Rock”. My Dad had me convinced that it was an Indian who had gone missing several years prior. 

So here I was, very concerned about this missing Native American and I spent most of the trip in the car looking for this poor guy. I was really ticked off when I learned about it.

My old man loved to do things like that and I was very gullible. He was a grown man and my father, so he must know what he’s talking about. Here are some other things he did:

While camping, he pulled the old ‘snipe hunting’ gag. I’m certain that everyone on the planet knows that snipes, these mythical animals that are so easy to catch when they are in season. I looked for hours and finally gave up and went back to our campsite to see my Dad laughing his head off. I must admit, it was a pretty funny gag.

Another time he convinced me that at if you looked at the sky at night through a coat sleeve, you would be able to see a great stars that you wouldn’t ordinarily see. So there I was, looking at the sky through a coat sleeve, trying to see this great star show. Meanwhile, Dad was pouring a glass of water down the coat sleeve. He got me again. And people wonder where I got the urge to prank other people.

Look no further than my old man.

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