He Cheated on His Taxes!!

A friend of mine was having trouble sleeping due to guilt. He wrote a letter to the IRS which read, “I’m sorry I lied about how much I owe. I can’t even sleep. Here is a check for $200. If I still can’t sleep, I’ll send you the rest”.

I think the only good thing about the IRS is that it employs a lot of people. Some are jerks, just like in most any other line of work, but most are very pleasant. What is not pleasant are the rules they must follow. They will even admit how ridiculous the rules are, but they have to follow them.

One year, I owed $600 but didn’t have the money to pay. I called to set up a payment plan. I had to give them a financial statement, so I went down and filled one out. I wanted to pay $50 per month. The lady reviewed the statement and said I didn’t have enough money coming in to make payment arrangements.

Delighted, I said, “Sweet! I don’t have to pay”! The woman said, “No, you still have to pay”. I said, “But you just told me that I couldn’t pay”. She then told me one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. “Even though I can’t set up a payment plan for you, you can pay it off in three payments. I don’t have to get approval for that.” I know!

I said, “Let me get this straight. According to the rules, I can’t afford to pay $50, but they will gladly accept $200 per month”? She was embarrassed, and it wasn’t her fault, but she agreed how crazy that was. So I got a loan for $600 and paid off the IRS and paid $50 per month to the bank. Insane.

I don’t claim to have all of the answers, but I do know that rule is nuts! 

2 thoughts on “He Cheated on His Taxes!!

  1. Wow an every-day story in the annals of Taxation!!
    I put in 25 years in the UK’s version- HM (Her Majesty’s) Inspector of Taxes and worked in liaison with my colleagues in The Collectors’ of Taxes (There had to be two departments; the governments were nervous about all that power in one department).
    Yep, I can grasp the convoluted thinking that brought that little whimsy about!…It’s starts off with two folks…..nah…you don’t want to read this gunk anymore…You have a Life.

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