A friend of mine is a motorcycle cop. One day he saw a woman knitting while driving. He lit her up, but she didn’t notice so he pulled up next to her and yelled, “Pull over”!! The woman rolled her window down and yelled back, “No, it’s a scarf”!

I know some ladies who are awesome at knitting and crocheting. They can make just about anything with yarn and a couple of needles. I have no idea how they do it. No patterns in their heads, they just know how it’s supposed to look and they make it.

These ladies should be engineers, only their creations would actually work. I’m pretty sure I just insulted all of my engineer friends. They’ll get over it because they know exactly what I mean. How many engineers does it take to fix my computer? None. “According to my calculations, the problem doesn’t exist.”

Think of the possibilities. What if we drove knitted cars? No more fender benders. No big body shop bills. If you have a problem with the cosmetics of the car, you just take it to your Grandma. She’ll fix it in a jiffy. I’m not really sure what a jiffy is, or how you get in one, but you hear it all of the time. I think I want one of those.

Rain could be a problem, but I’m sure the ladies would be able to climb into their jiffy and solve the problem. Maybe Scotch Guard to eliminate soaking up water when it rains. There is still the leakage problem, how to house the drive train, etc.; but these are sharp ladies and I’ll bet they could solve the problem.

I think I’ll go check on my motorcycle. It’s being knitted as I write this.

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