Finally I’m On-Line, I Think!!!

Wi-fi went down for five minutes, so I had to talk to my family. They seem like decent people.

I officially declared war on my WiFi last night. We were trying to watch Netflix and it would get stuck while loading at 25% forever! When it would finally load, the picture quality was horrible. We decided to sacrifice the picture quality to at least watch the show.

Heather gave up about the fifteenth time the program stopped to reload. I rebooted the modem several times and everyone still appeared zombie-like. Heather went to bed and I told her I was going to stay up until I beat the WiFi beast into submission.

I tried resetting all of the on-line protocols on my streaming device and was successful! Connected to the network and 5 bars of signal strength! Sweet! Not so much. It continued to behave the same way, so I rebooted my streaming device too. Nothing. Then I got out my hammer.

Of course I wouldn’t beat any of the equipment, but they didn’t know that. It was purely for intimidation, like the mafia. I even started talking to it with my best Tony Soprano impression. Still nothing. I didn’t want to get the provider involved because they would just have me do what I had already done 348 times. Yes, I counted them.

I would call customer service, give the automated system all of my pertinent information, then wait for a person to answer and ask me the exact same information. I would jump through their hoops, knowing it was the only way to get to Tech Support. Then I would finally get transferred right back to customer service. Seven times in a row. So you can see why I wasn’t going to go through that again. Ever.

Nope. Not this time. It would be me or the WiFi beast. One of us was going down. I did everything all over again. By now it was two a.m. The beast was trying to wear me out. Then I had an epiphany. I wondered if there was a sequence in which all of the devices needed to be reset.

I turned off the TV, and the DVD player, which is my streaming device and then the modem. I let the modem completely reboot, then turned on the other equipment. Viola!! It worked! No calls to customer service! I had conquered the beast! 

I put the hammer away slowly and menacingly, just to make sure the beast knew who was in charge. The battle ended at three a.m. I slept well. Very well.

10 thoughts on “Finally I’m On-Line, I Think!!!

  1. Yeh Team Humanity!! Another victory over The Machine!!
    (in the mid-1980s when the UK civil service started going computerised, advice from the help desk was often ‘Switch it off. Leave for….. [fill in the blank], then switch it back on again).
    30 years on and that still works every time.
    Well done you!!

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