Beeping Fool!

Yesterday, a friend and I were walking to a store. After the light changed, there was a loud beeping sound. He said, “What the heck is that?” I said  “It beeps to let blind people know the light has changed. He said, “Why are blind people driving”?

With todays technology, it could happen. Some cars already automatically stop when there’s something in the road. Also there is a warning signal if you’re about to hit something while backing up. Some even automatically parallel park. 

Google is working on a car that drives itself! If you combine all of these technological advances, it would be the perfect car for the blind! I think it would still freak people out, but it would still be cool.

The only drawback that I haven’t quite thought out are parking tickets. They could describe the violation by using braille, but the blind person would have to check under the windshield every time they get in the car. We don’t want warrants out for the blind all over the place.

They could certainly drive better than the elderly. Those folks would need to rely on the same technology. There could be sensors which read the speed limit signs so it would eliminate the 40 mph driver on the freeway.

It would also eliminate the young driver who feels the need to weave in and out of lanes on the freeway, causing potential damage to other cars. GPS would remain but it would be voice activated and tell the driver everything that is going on.

The possibilities are endless! It could even weigh you when you get in the car, to thwart the temptation to get fast food while being out and about. That might need to be optional because I’ve heard of people destroying their bathroom scale because it didn’t provide them with the weight they were hoping for.

I’ll get the rest of the kinks out and let you know about my findings.


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