A Talking What???

A man was walking by a pasture when a horse said to him, “Hey, buddy, help me out. I won the Kentucky Derby once but now I’m stuck plowing fields. Why don’t you buy me? I can still run and make you some money”. The guy is stunned and makes an offer to the farmer, who says, “You should know that horse is a liar. He’s never even been to Kentucky”.

Talking horses and mules have apparently lost their appeal. Years ago there was a show called “Francis the talking mule”, and the legendary “Mr. Ed”. These were funny shows in their day.

Times have changed. If a mule or a horse talked today, they would have to be able to solve murder mysteries. Oh, and of course the horse’s owner wouldn’t know that the horse is a member of the CIA. He would work on cases when the owner wasn’t home.

If the owner did come home and find him gone, he would have to be prepared with several plausible lies in order to maintain his cover. I think that’s a hit show. “CSI: The Horse”. Brilliant! I’m going to pitch it to the networks and see what happens. 

Note: if you stop seeing my blogs appear, please check all mental facilities in the area.

I’ve heard that in order to make Mr. Ed move his lips as though he was talking, they would put peanut butter in the top of his mouth. I don’t think PETA would go for that today. It would have to be almond butter. It’s much more healthy than peanut butter.

I say, whatever it takes to protect the crime fighting talking horse or mule is worth it. After all, they’re pretty rare.


2 thoughts on “A Talking What???

  1. Great joke!
    I loved Mr Ed. UK TV were buying up many good US shows…..Car 54 Where Are You?….. F Troop….I Dream of Jennie…..not forgetting The Munsters…. Addams Family…..I could go on.
    (My Dad had seen Francis The Talking Mule; wish I had)

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