You Look Marvelous!!

I recently saw an aquaintence who said, “Wow, you look good”. I didn’t know whether to take it as a compliment or an insult, so I throat punched him, just to be sure.

Sometimes what we think is a compliment can have negative consequences. I saw a guy I knew who used to have the worst looking teeth. I hadn’t seen teeth that bad since I did a gig in Kentucky.

I said,”Your teeth look a lot better”. Better?? What was I thinking?? That was a compliment that really meant, “Wow, your teeth were horrible. I’m glad to see you got them fixed. Not good.

I have to be especially careful with Heather. I think most husbands are in the same boat. My wife is beautiful, but thinks she’s a little over weight. (if she reads this, we’ll end up on “Dateline”. I’ll be the dead guy.

Last night, she was doing some work on her arms with a couple of weights. I was messing with my phone. She said, “My arms are fat”, which they’re not. Without thinking, I said, “They’re not as fat“. She said, “Not as fat”??? Uh oh, what have I done?? I knew it was a mistake the minute I said it.

Fortunately, I was able to quickly recover by telling her the truth. I said, “Honey, I keep telling you that you’re not fat at all”! It worked, and I live to see another day. Sometimes even a small word can be misconstrued and become an insult.

Another good example is seeing someone who has lost a lot of weight. If you say, “Wow, you’ve lost at ton”, that’s definitely not good. Instead, the best thing to say is, “You look great”! That way, they’ll know that you noticed, but you’re not saying that they were obese before.

Words can be powerful, but either good or bad, depending on the ones we choose. I’ve learned to really think before I speak, except for last night when I was distracted. Heather is sweet, so I didn’t even get the stink eye. Lucky me.


5 thoughts on “You Look Marvelous!!

  1. The worst thing (which I’ve done, many years ago) is to ask someone when they’re due, when they’re not pregnant. Ouch, throat punch to me! I’ll never ever do that again … 😦

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  2. Ohhhhh, the dread ‘weight’ question from the wife, requires delicate timing and subtle nuancing. I opted for the quasi-political rant against the Dieting Industry for making ‘people’ (not ‘women’) worry about their bodies; that way I avoided answering directly and instead was told to calm down and watch my Blood Pressure…issue defused…for a short while.

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