Growl at the Camera…

When I get my drivers license renewed, I always try to look really angry when they snap the picture. It will look a lot more like me when the cop pulls me over.

Getting pulled over by the police is just about the worst feeling outside of something catastrophic. Life is good, you’re cruising down the freeway and then BAM! Lights flashing behind me.

Your mood changes instantly. Then you start thinking of reasons for which you might have been pulled over so you can be prepared to defend yourself. Some women are able to turn on the tears, which seems to often work on male officers.

I like to watch”Cops” once in a while just to see if I recognize any family members. I love it when they pull someone over and the stories they come up with to try to get off the hook. Especially if the car is stolen. Most claim that some person gave them the car to use for a few days, but can never seem to remember the person’s name or why they lent them the car.

There are almost always drugs in the car or in their possession. If the drugs are found in the car, the person always claims they belong to the vehicle owner, who they still can’t remember. It’s a sadly comical show. Most have already spent time in the clink and will now be going back.

Unfortunately, our prisons are really not designed or equipped for rehabilitation. Some are, but most are not. I think, barring lifers with no chance of parole, the goal should be to punish and prepare the inmate to blend back into society by working with social workers, therapists and learning a trade.

I think that if I was going to commit a crime that would get me put away, it would have to be something stupid. I don’t think I could ever hurt someone, so it would have to be something like taking too many liberties with the grapes in the supermarket. Somehow  I don’t think that would be enough to get me sent to the slammer.

4 thoughts on “Growl at the Camera…

  1. “Yes officer. How may I assist you?”- straight away, don’t even think about, then go into UK Civil Service respectful listening- to-an-annoyed-member-of-the-public-mode.
    Well that’s my UK approach.
    Wouldn’t drive in the US, it’s all on the wrong side of the road.

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      1. Well done you. Did you notice:
        In the UK we take great pride in the following:
        1. Complex road arrangements which cause traffic jams
        2. A national instinct to be constantly surprised by ice & snow and so have traffic jams.
        3. Teams of dedicated men who turn up and dig holes in roads for no good reason, and cause traffic jams.
        All 3 cause slowing down of traffic and reduce chances of accidents.

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