How Can You Read That???

Recently, I took a bus to a doctor appointment. I was sitting on a newspaper left behind. A guy pointed to the paper and said,”Are you reading that”? I said, “Yes I am.” Then I stood up, turned the page and sat down again.

Sometimes we ask or say some of the most ridiculous things. Its what made comedian Bill Engvall famous. “Here’s your sign”. I was hanging out with him once and he said that he fell victim to his own routine once. He was walking out of a mall and saw a guy trying to open his car door with a coat hanger. Engvall said, “Locked your keys in the car”? The guy said, “Nope. I just washed it and I’m hanging it out to dry”.

It has been said that there are no stupid questions. I disagree. I’ve heard lots of them. After a show one night, these two drunk guys were at the bar. I heard one guy ask the other if he thought he could buy Mars so he could make a lot of money when people went to live there. The other guy said it was impossible. The first guy said,”Why”? The other guy said, “Because I’m not going to sell it to you”.

Many people are also very gullible. I told a friend once that gullible was not in the dictionary. The next day she wouldn’t even talk to me. I left a message at the hotel where my boss and I were staying. It read, “There is a very angry customer who wants to speak to you”. 

gul·li·ble ˈɡələb(ə)l/


easily persuaded to believe something; credulous.

I put the phone number on the bottom and said his name was Mr. C. Lyon. He called late that night and kept insisting on talking to the man. Finally, the guy said, “Look buddy, I’m a security guard and this is Sea World”. Probably not a good career move.


7 thoughts on “How Can You Read That???

  1. Jerry, Ron here, I have often thought about doing a stand-up routine about stupid questions people ask me in the store I work in.(Keeping that secret for a reason) I always answer their questions just as they were asked. “Do you have a bathroom here?” “Yes we do” Then I just look at them and wait for them to ask me where it is. “Can you tell me where Light bulbs are?” “Yes I can.” And most common “Can I ask you a question?” “Yes, you just did.” The only trouble is the audience would be the shoppers I’m making fun of!

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      1. No, I don’t think I could do as well as you have. But thanks for the offer. In my work, my family, my friends, whenever we’re doing something, or just talking, an inner voice says to me, “What can I say that will make them laugh?” I was put on Earth to make people laugh, and when I do, I feel good.

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