Down For The Count!!

I get so down sometimes, my psychiatrist makes me prepay. 

There’s nothing funny about depression. It is about as crippling as anything you might feel. Millions struggle with it. Even with medication, it’s still a struggle. Sometimes there’s a trigger, other times not. It just hits you like a shot to the face from Mike Tyson.

I’m struggling right now, but I know I’ll be OK. Yesterday, we were having a wonderful lunch with by brother and his wife, when I began to slip into seizure mode. I hate when that happens, but I need to accept this is a part of my life, at least for now. 

We went home and I went back to bed and slept until six p.m.

It’s very embarrassing when these things happen. There are so many people who show up; incredible people, from first responders, who follow instructions from the 911 operator, to the police and paramedics. Extraordinary people, all of them. 

It takes me a while to get back to a state where I’m familiar with my surroundings, day, date, time, etc. When I have sufficiently recovered and my vital signs are stable, I go home. There is no point in going to the hospital, because all they will do is check vital signs and send me home. 

These seizures are stress induced, so the added pressure to pay for an ambulance and emergency room just makes things worse. What I need is to take some medicine and take a nap in my recliner. 

For some reason, yesterday’s events really got to me. I realize that I did too much, two consecutive days, which is a prescription for disaster, and I find it very difficult to slow down. I must, and I know that, but it is tough to do. 

Hopefully, this fog will lift today and I’ll feel better. 


5 thoughts on “Down For The Count!!

  1. So sorry to read this Jerry. (It was weird clicking ‘like’)
    It’s evening time here (7.15pm UK summertime), will be thinking of you, mate (Brit/Australian-speak, used between men).
    Depression comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, sticks with us, or sneaks in when we least expect it. Lived it and seen it in others. Sometimes we know all the likely triggers and yet it still catches us unawares.
    God watch over you and be your comfort.

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