Survive This!!!

I love the game, “Survivor”. They start out with 20 contestants who are systematically knocked out of the game until there are only three left. The winner is the one who lies and backstabs the most people. You know, like politics.

Smear campaigns are the norm today. It’s not about what the candidates will do to repair the many problems in our nation. Instead, we hear dirt on what each candidate has done in their lives. 

If you’re going to run for public office in this climate, there better not be any skeletons in your closet, because there are people who will find out what they are, and your goose is cooked. By the way, I love geese. Sometimes they can be a little greasy, but I like the gamey flavor.

If a candidate came out of the gate giving us all of his or her controversial items, I would most likely be inclined to vote for that candidate. Partly due to the honesty, but because other officials would know what to watch for during the candidate’s term.

They just don’t seem to learn. So far, Hillary Clinton has been accused of things prior to this election. They are current issues, but nothing strongly enough to press charges so far. Her biggest problem still is fellow Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders. He’s still close enough to keep the party split.

I should run. I’ve been married four times. I’ve filed for bankruptcy, due to excessive medical expenses. I’ve been sued by one of the medical companies, but never been arrested. I have a perfect driving record. I’ve had many girlfriends while single, but have never cheated on my wife or taxes. Come to think about it, I probably wouldn’t stand a chance.

I’m Jerry Mabbott, and I approved this blog, and would appreciate your vote. 

7 thoughts on “Survive This!!!

  1. Brit- so can’t. But I would run your UK awareness campaign.
    Important question though: Should MAD magazine be required reading in public schools?

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