You Think You Were Poor??

When I was a kid, we were poor. We had something with government cheese in it for almost every meal. We ate so much cheese, I didn’t even know what a bowl movement was until fifth grade.

Carol, my neighbor used to own five restaurants and has been cooking delicious meals for years. We have been fortunate recipients of her cooking a few times now and everything was home made from scratch and amazing. 

How many times have you thrown away blocks of cheese because it was green with mold? Carol told me not to throw it out! Instead, slice the edges of the cheese and throw the mold away and what remains in extremely wonderful cheese! I know!

I started thinking about it and realized that the same is true for Greek olives, which I love. There is always a strange film on top of the liquid above the olives. It’s an aging process. It makes perfect sense. I tried it with milk once. I don’t recommend that. Green milk will end with a stomach pump at the ER, plus a couple of days in the hospital for observation. Not the regular hospital. The psych ward.

I would think that there are other foods and drinks where the adding process is important that might also look gross and in the end, taste wonderful. I don’t think moldy bread would be good. I think moldy beef, pork and fowl might kill you, so for now, just try out on the cheese.

*I’m not an expert and I cannot be held responsible for the condition of anyone who attempts to eat food past it’s expiration date.


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