ATM = Always Take Your Money!!

When I go to an ATM and happen to see a receipt from the last person and their balance its smaller than mine, it makes me happy.

That’s pretty rotten, isn’t it? I shouldn’t feel good because someone else isn’t doing well. It’s just sick. On the other hand, we need a point of reference, right? The same applies when choosing friends.

Always choose friends that are not as good looking as you, or as popular. Have we learned nothing from “The Big Bang Theory?” If Rajesh goes somewhere with Howard, he’s going to look like a winner.

If any of them go somewhere with Sheldon, they automatically win. When I was in high school, sadly, I was the guy that made others look good. I was fat, so I had lots of friends, but no girlfriends.I didn’t dare ask anyone out, because I knew I would be rejected.

Years later, I discovered that was not the case. If only I had tried harder, who knows? So, this is for all of you who feel the same way. Always try. You never know unless you don’t try. Then you know for sure.

Remember when Julia Roberts married Lyle Lovett? When Angelina married Billy Bob? When Demi Moore adopted Ashton Kutcher? Anyone has a chance. Remember in “Dumb & Dumber”, when Lloyd asked the gal who ended up being the Director of NCIS? “So you’re telling me there’s a chance.”

That should be the motto. You’ll never know if you don’t ask. So, ask for the dance, ask for the date, ask for the promotion. Have no fear. They’ll either say yes, no or I’ll think about it. In the end, you now have three potential answers, instead of just giving up and ensuring that you only have one, and that’s no.

If you don’t ask, you don’t get, and that applies to anything in life. There’s a concept called “Be Do Have”. If you want to BE something, you have to DO what it takes to become that and then you’ll HAVE that.

It’s all up to you. Class dismissed, test on Monday!


6 thoughts on “ATM = Always Take Your Money!!

  1. True, very true
    And yet there are still folk who haven’t figured that out, or that it is there unalienable right to have something fall into their lap.
    On the other hand the amount of effort put in does not ensure a proportional reward. Which is why I only use Reality sparingly.
    (Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher?- well I never knew that!- nice observation)

    Liked by 1 person

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