I Did It Again!!

During math in high school, our teacher was explaining the difference between a numerator and a denominator. He said the numerator was on the top and the denominator was on the bottom. I yelled out, “Really? Well then you’ve got chalk dust all over your denominator!”

I spent the rest of the class sitting outside against the wall. I was pretty used to that, but I didn’t care. It made my classmates laugh. Mission accomplished. As I mentioned yesterday, that’s really all I cared about. When I became a comedian, I recieved so many messages telling me it was the perfect job for me.

I guess it was, but it is a much more difficult job than most people think. I was away from home and my children far to often. The shows were a lot of fun, but driving five hundred miles to get there was not. It can be a very lonely business.

It really is a double edged sword. I wanted to be home more, but showbiz was in my blood. I was driven to succeed. Later on I realized that no one in the business knows what that is. That’s why there’s so many messed up people in the business.

I was fortunate. All I wanted to do was make people laugh. One day, a bird fell out of the tree in our back yard. It was injured and I didn’t know what to do. I called the Audubon Society and they said the best thing was to nurse the bird back to health and let it go. I did that and the bird turned out just fine, but my nipples are killing me!

See? I hope you laughed. It’s what I do. Its what I’ve always done. I love it!


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