Bribe Backfired!!

In high school, I had a teacher who was particularly tough. Mrs.Beck gave me a tough grade on a project that I thought was unfair. It was around Valentine’s Day so I got her a nice box of chocolates, thinking she might change her mind.

I included a card that said, “Be mine!” three next morning the card was on my desk. The card now read “Be mine-us”. Well played, Mrs. Beck, well played.

I loved high school. Absolutely loved it! I didn’t get good enough grades to get into college, but I had enough classes anyway. That’s not the part I liked. It was all of my friends. I loved hanging out with them. I still do, even if its only on Facebook.

I do my best to try and be funny, just like in high school because making my friends laugh was the best part for me. I got into some pretty deep trouble at times, but always seemed to talk my way out of it. When I was driving, I did the same thing and it worked quite well. Everyone likes a good joke.

My Buddy, Chris Mings, just paid me a great compliment. I’m happy that he still finds me funny. My dying words will be one of the funniest Henny Young jokes. “I never lend money to my brother-in-law. It gives him amnesia”.

Now that I’m retired, I think I’m going to start my good material on here. Before I retired I rarely did that because a few comedians who are too lazy to write their own material steal from other comics. Not cool.

This morning I ran out of Total so I had to eat 13 bowls of Shredded Wheat. That’s a lot of fiber.

3 thoughts on “Bribe Backfired!!

  1. Great stand up routine. Trying to get out of tricky situation with jokes doesn’t always work, but I can ‘see ‘ how it would work with you Jerry.
    Wish I could get the DVD, but it is Region 1 and getting a multi-region player in the UK is expensive…annnnd these days simple laptops don’t have the option to choose Region 1 (vile muli-nationals….ooops better stop I feel a neo-Marxist UK style-socialist rant coming on…you don’t want to hear one of those.
    Keep up the good work

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