It’s Not Fair!!

When life gives you lemons, track down those responsible and squirt it in their eyes.

Sometimes life may seem unfair. Someone got the job that you were more qualified for. Someone landed the husband or wife that you had longed for. Someone is driving the car you would love to have, but can’t afford. Someone got 3-5 years while you got 30.

There are always things we can focus on that represent failure in our lives, but that just sets us up for greater future failure. Someone received a large inheritance and you have no rich relatives. Why? Just because it is.

My son didn’t have money to go to college, so he went to a military school and had multiple scholarships as well. He could have thrown in the towel, but he didn’t. He now holds a Masters Degree. I have a masters degree too. My master (AKA My wife) tells me what to do and I do it.

My daughters, Sarah and Cecilee, have had their own struggles, and now Sarah is a great daughter, mother and wife, while Cecilee is an incredible artist, on canvas and stage. Everyone has issues. Some choose to work on them, while others use them as excuses for failure of success, which can make a person envious of another’s success.

I used to own a 1973 Mercedes 280 SE. A beautiful classic car. I chose to sell it prior to a long move. Now, when I watch “Bates Motel”, I always yell “That’s my car!” Guess what? It still could be, if I hadn’t already sold the doggone thing. My responsibility.

So, if you’re envious of someone who has something that you would like, either steal it or set some goals and go after it! I wanted to open for Gilbert Gottfried. Two years later, it happened. I wanted to work on some major motion pictures. I ended up working as the crowd warm up and extra on two Castlerock motion pictures.

I live by three principles: I believe strongly in God, I always say “Why not me?”, when I see something I want or want and “Failure is not an option.” That puts the ball in my court.

What will you do with your lemons?


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