World Class?? No!!

When I used to sell ladies shoes, two really nice elderly women came in. I started to get an idea of what the buyer wanted when they began talking. Forever. Finally, I said, “Will you old bitties buy something? I have work to do”.

I couldn’t believe I said that. The ladies stopped talking and stared at me for what seemed like an eternity. I was already picturing myself being fired, telling my wife, who would no doubt leave me for someone who could remain employed.

I’d wind up homeless and a drunk. I think I used to imagine the worst scenarios then. I still do. Fortunately, the ladies burst into a hard, deep laugh! They loved it! They said it was the funniest thing they had ever heard. So both of the ladies bought two pair each and thanked me for the big laugh.

About an hour later, I saw a bunch of old ladies approaching my store. I thought they were going to return the shoes and be angry. It turns out there were about 20 of them. One of the ladies that I had waited on told me that once a month they take a bus to the mall and they had so much fun in the store, their friends wanted to come in too.

They all bought shoes. My goals were reached before one o’clock. They came every month for a long time, and they always bought shoes. We always had a great time. Then the bus stopped coming. I knew what had happened.

That was a sad day, but I remember every detail 37 years later. I took a huge risk and it really paid off. I made a lot of friends and loyal customers that day. I think I’ll try it on my wife and see how it goes. If I’m able, I’ll let you know how it goes. 

Just remember, if anything happens to me, let the authorities know my wife did it.


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