Nobody Loves Me!!

During a meeting, a co-worker had a complete melt down. She was crying and said, “Everybody hates me”! Before any of us could console her, my boss said, “That’s not true. Some people don’t know you”.

Most people I know have the same fear as she did. The fact is that she was one of the most liked people in the whole firm. She just didn’t know it. I would bet that the story in her head began long before she began working for the company.

So, what do you do if you’re having the same issue? First, realize how stupid you are for thinking that way in the first place. Umm, better scratch that one; it really could seriously backfire. You probably already think that.

OK, how about positive affirmations strategically placed around the house to remind you of just how important you are to others. Sometimes we just feel alone. Like no one cares that we even exist. We know it’s not the case, but we travel to that dark place from time to time anyway.

I also think it helps to have a really good therapist. I have one that is great. She causes me to realize that I mean something to others. That my value in life is more than just a paycheck. I think a lot of men feel this way. I learned that over a long period of time. It really freed me from so many of the dark thoughts.

Then one day I forgot to bring my payment. The therapist blew up and began yelling, “Seriously? You forgot your check??? Well I don’t work for free so you’re no good to me without a check”! 

I got a new therapist.


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