What Happened to My Money???

I think I finally have the stock market figured out. To make a small fortune, you need to start out with a very large one.

With hindsight being 20/20, I could have been a millionaire had I just held on to the stock of a particular company. But, I didn’t. Each time my account reached a few thousand dollars it always seemed like I needed to buy something. A car, a Select Comfort bed.I know what you’re thinking. Really? A sleep by numbers bed?

Yes, we really needed it. My wife had a very bad hip at the time and the only bed she could sleep comfortably on was that brand. Very expensive but well worth it. After many years and many moves, it still works great! I only wish I could sleep on it. My wife is a very light sleeper and I tend to snore rather loudly.

Heather can’t sleep elsewhere due to the hip issue, even though she’s had her hip replaced. In any event, I have a nice little twin bed that I sleep on very well. When Heather is at work, I sneak a nap in if I’m tired. That works for us.

I have many friends who kept their stock and became very rich. Dang, I which I had done that. At it’s peak, the stock split about ten times! Ugh. I’ve never been good at handling money. Never. I was making a very good wage, but always seemed to be living paycheck to paycheck. I think they call that living beyond one’s needs.

The bottom line is that I own no stock, we make less money than ever and doing better than ever. I turned the finances over to my wife. After all, she works at a credit union and tracks our checking and savings accounts daily. We also have a savings account at home, saving for when we can go visit the kids and grand kids.

Well done, Heather. Well done.


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