Who Are You, Einstein???

I finally understand the Theory of Relativity. It’s the scientific method that must be used to get along with your in-laws.

Fortunately, I’ve been blessed with good parents on my wife’s side of the family. Her sister and one of her brothers we also love. Two others I couldn’t care less if we ever see them again. Does it sound harsh? It’s not. They’ve earned it.

That’s certainly not to imply that things are great on my side of the family. I have five siblings. Two women and three brothers. My oldest brother and I no longer talk to each other, although I would love nothing more. He simply won’t talk.

I get along great with my sisters. They’re both wonderful people who I absolutely adore. One of them I don’t hear from very often, while the other and I talk frequently. I have to be somewhat careful with her because she speaks her mind no matter what. I kind of like that.

My brother that is one year older than me, I really love a lot. He speaks his mind as well, so I avoid politics and religion. 

He’s brilliant and loves to debate, which I really can’t stand. So I’m careful with the topics I bring up. He doesn’t like many people but he is very generous with those he does care about.

My younger brother and I get along well, even though I have done some really stupid things over the years that have really put a strain on our relationship. I won’t go into detail, but suffice it to say that it’s all me. I’m very thankful that he is a forgiving person. We’ve also been through some wonderful things together too, so perhaps that has something to do with it.

My children are wonderful. The eldest, Sarah gets along great with my wife, as does my son. We also get along really well with their spouses and we have been blessed with seven wonderful grand children. There live in Georgia and Mississippi. We will be moving to Georgia in the not too distance.

E=MC Squared? Oh yeah. I got this one.


2 thoughts on “Who Are You, Einstein???

  1. Families…. when we have conquered all time & space, they will still defy comprehension (I’m glad to say). We’ve two daughters and a son; but we are both Only Children and often say to each other about the way the three of them inter-act ‘Ah..it’s a sib-thing..we’re not getting involved’

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