Seriously?? On the Freeway???

A college football player went to a party one night and saw a beautiful girl and walked overt to talk to her. He asked her if she’d meet anyone that she’d like to date. She told him she was much more interested in a smart athlete. She asked him what his GPA was. He said, “I get 30 in the city and 35 on the freeway!” Game over.

Some people still assume that professional athletes are one pancake shy of a short stack. That’s not true. Football players need to learn all of their assignments on both sides of the ball, Plus how to recognize an audible and know exactly what to do.

Quarterbacks need to study defences so when they survey the field, they’ll know if the play called is going to work. They need to be very smart people even though we sometimes think they’re idiots when they get sacked. Usually, it’s a young quarterback who is still learning how long to hold the ball until he can get rid of it. Again, three guy must be smart.

Sometimes players talk as if they’re not all there. Karl Malone, famed basketball player for the Utah Jazz, was very smart but couldn’t seem to put a sentence together in an interview. Once, I saw him interviewed following a game in which he blew a shot that cost them the game. Afterward, he was asked by a reporter what happened. I swear he said, “Karl Malone know what he had did.”

Did he sound intelligent? Of course not. Is he intelligent? Absolutely! I think Yogi Berra, hall of fame catcher for the Yankees aid things that we still laugh about today. He said things like, “don’t want to go to that place. It’s too crowded, nobody goes there anymore.” And yet, he was very intelligent.

Baseball is a game of strategy that requires quick thinking and action. So my point is that, not with standing the knucklehead at the beginning of the blog, athletes, men and women, need to be very smart to perform well enough to become stars.

Except famed Tiger pitcher Mark Fydrich. He called himself space man and gave very bizarre interviews. He might be the exception. Or the guys who take performance enhancing drugs, even when they know they’re going to be tested for it. Those are the idiots. That’s like driving drunk thinking that you won’t get caught.


3 thoughts on “Seriously?? On the Freeway???

  1. Funny & very true.
    A few years back a scientific survey on cricket batsmen revealed it was not possible for the brain to process and send a reactive signal in response to the image from the eye of the bowler releasing the ball; therefore some other process was taking place…intuition? experience? Amazing things our systems

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