You Cut My Hair Off!!

Heather was getting her hair done and I found a great article in a magazine. There was a Kinkos next door so I asked the receptionist if I could go make a copy. She said I had to leave a drivers licence or a credit card. I told her that Heather was there getting her hair done. She said “I know, but we need something that we know you’ll come back for”.

I dont like getting my hair cut and I have no idea why. I always put it off until Heather insists that I get it cut. The experience is normally pleasant enough, but I hate the drive home because I can feel all the little clippings that somehow made it all over my body.

I get in the shower as soon as I get home but I never seem to get them all no matter how hard I try. It drives me nuts! They put a covering of some sort around your neck and then the larger cover to ensure that hair doesn’t get where it always gets anyway. Why bother?

I think I would prefer to have my hair cut with a “Flowbee”, which is a gadget that connects to a vacuum which not only sucks the hair up but cuts it too, eliminating the stray hair problem. Simple, right? It looks ridiculous while your hair is being cut, but I’d rather look ridiculous around people I dont even know, than itch all the way home.

I always get the same cut. A number five on the sides and number six on the top. Once, the stylist wasn’t paying attention  and cut all of my hair with a three! I know! I could do nothing about it because she started by cutting a patch in the middle from front to back!

I said, “What are you doing”?!? She said that I had told her that I had asked for a three all over my head. I told her to look in the computer because they keep your preference in it so that mix ups like this don’t occur. Sure enough, it said five on the sides and six on top. She didn’t even apologize. She just told me that it would grow back. Then she got mad because I didn’t tip her.

I think I know now why I don’t like to get my hair cut.


4 thoughts on “You Cut My Hair Off!!

  1. Haha! Well, I held Isaac on my lap while he had his hair cut and he had on the cover thing, but I didn’t… It really does make a difference! Took days to get all that hair off of me!

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