Till Death Do Us Part!!

Sadly, 50 percent of marriages in this country end in divorce. But the other half end in death. You could be one of the lucky ones.

I love being married. Some people hate it. There’s something about marriage that says “It’s you and me against the world.” No matter what happens, we’ll be there for each other. The vows mean something.

I also think that many marriages go through rough patches, where you think it’s not going to last. That is a good portion of the 50%. Infidelity, value systems, money, control are some of the factors that cause marriages to collapse.

Some get married because they think the other person is hot. When the fire goes out, there’s nothing left. Others marry for money, status, etc. Never good reasons for nuptials.

Hopefully, you are one that has married because you love the person you’ve chosen. Otherwise, disaster looms. I have a friend who swears her parents were so well matched, that they never fought. Normally, I would never believe that, but in her case, I do. Others claim the same thing, only to find out that they fought behind closed doors, which really sort of warps their ability to work things out in a normal relationship.

I grew up with parents that fought a lot. I don’t blame them for my failed relationships. Those were the consequences of both people involved, who made poor choices.

I think people should date five years before they marry. During that time, you will really see who the person is. Who are their friends? How do they treat their family. How they treat your friends, your children, if you have them. How do they treat animals? So many questions need to be answered prior to marriage.

As for me, I still keep a minister and an attorney on retainer.


3 thoughts on “Till Death Do Us Part!!

  1. Haha Great post and a lot of truths there. I dated my man for four years before I married and still today, after 23 years, I consider him my best friend. Marriage takes effort and commitment and it helps if you can laugh alot together. 🙂

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