You Got The Job!!!

Once, during a job interview, the guy asked me if I had ever taken illegal drugs. I joked, “Only on Tuesdays, because every other day of the week is forbidden by my religion.” The guy actually terminated the interview right then.

I have had a lot of jobs. Seriously, a lot. I’m writing my new book and as I began writing about them, I was stunned to discover just how many. So, here goes.

I started out as a door to door salesman at 15. Next, a dishwasher at two restaurants, a box boy at a department store, a gas station attendant, an Airman in the Air Force, the milk shake guy at McDonalds, a multi-faceted job on several large movie studios, a day worker, a shoe salesman and manager for four different companies. During this time, I became an youth and associate pastor.

Next, the manager at a clothing store, personnel coordinator for the same company, sales and operations manager for the same chain of stores, a salesman, manager and Corporate Trainer for Circuit City, a jewelry salesman and manager, a Comedian (still).

I was then recruited by Bell South to completely overhaul the Cellular Telephone retail industry, which I accomplished, then a cell phone buyer for a chain of department stores, then an international sales and management consultant, sales and operations manager of a 22 store chain of clothing stores.

Then I founded a production company where I could focus on show business full time. I, and a business partner, started a comedy school, which quickly grew to include beginner, advanced, professional levels, 22 show rooms, kids classes, improvisation classes and a performing troupe, a TV show and performing at minor league baseball stadiums around the country.

During that time, I also sold water systems for Culligan. I could make a lot of money in just a couple of days, which helped out with the expenses in the business. 

Next, sales and sales manager for Sentry Alarms, then back to full time comedy. Next, I owned a comedy club for a while and landed a morning radio show. After closing the comedy club, I became the operations manager for all three of the radio stations.

I ended up working in radio for several years, started another improv troupe. Next, a short stint in sales for a linen and uniform company, then Circuit City again, for eight years, this time, then I was recruited by the Department of Defense as an analyst.

Next, I was lured away by a rather large paycheck back to the consulting company I worked at 20 years earlier. Unfortunately, my client had to cut back their spending and I was laid off.

My final “regular” job was door to door selling. How odd, eh? My first and last jobs were door to door sales jobs. Now, I’m a comedian and writer. I rarely travel, because I became very ill with a neurological condition which severely limits what I can do outside the home. So I’m retired now and am enjoying the slower pace. It took me a pretty long while to get used to being without a job, but I’m a happy camper these days.
So, all tolled, I’ve had 38 jobs! I know! Insane! Still, I have no complaints. I really did do things my way and I’ve been places and done some very fulfilling work.
I can’t believe I’ve had 38 jobs. What a flake!

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