My Kids Are Crazy!!!

When my kids were little, my daughter Sarah had a bad stomach ache. I took her to the doctor and during the examination the doctor asked her what bothered her the most. She said, “My little brother Eric keeps pulling my hair”!

My kids have always been funny. Obviously, Sarah wasn’t trying to be funny. She was just answering a direct question. She was too sick to try and be funny.

As adults, they are all funny. Sarah, Eric and Cecilee. Each has their own style, of course, but they always make me laugh. Sarah is a domestic engineer and is surrounded by three very funny kids and her husband, Steve is also funny.

Eric is a pastor of a church in Mississippi. His sermons always have jokes tired in somewhere. Outside of the church, he’s a very funny guy, surrounded by four very funny kids and his funny wife, Lesley.
Cecilee is unmarried, so no funny kids but she has performed stand up comedy and her current live performing art is improv. She is very funny. Its like to think that Sarah and Eric picked it up from me. After all, they attended many of my shows. With Cecilee, I didn’t get to spend time around her (long story) so I’d like to think it’s hereditary.

Sarah used to tell part of a joke when she was little and then start laughing like crazy, slapping her knee. It was funny and adorable! When she was older and I was making tuna fish sandwiches, I was chopping celery to go in it. I had already added green onions. Sarah asked me, “Daddy, have you ever noticed that the older you get, the more junk you put in your tuna?

When Eric was a kid, I took him to the grocery store. As we were walking down an aisle, he saw a clerk and yelled at loud as he could, “NO, I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU DO, I’M NEVER GOING TO STEAL FOR YOU AGAIN”! I couldn’t get out of that store fast enough.

Heather is very funny and I’d like to think that I am too. Its a fun life and of course everyday is not funny. We all have our ups and downs and most of us are on some sort of medication, but it is still fun to laugh because aside from morphine, laughter is the best medicine.


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