A Pregnant Male Firefighter???

When I was in fourth grade, our teacher asked us to put together a sentence using a public servant. A girl (Frankie Brewer) said, “A fireman came down the ladder pregnant”. Our teacher asked, “Frankie, do you know what pregnant means”? She said, “Yes, to be carrying a child”.

I know there are so many people who despise police officers because they give tickets, force people to obey the laws of the land and sometimes make poor life changing mistakes. I completely understand the ire and pain that must cause.

Still, those are extremely minute in comparison to the women and men in law enforcement. Are there dirty cops? You bet. Police officers who have decided they’re not making enough money so they fall to temptation and become a crook behind the badge.

This blog dedicated to honor the police officers who really care about the people in the community in which they serve. There are so many. They’re not perfect but let’s face it, if you get a ticket, you probably deserved it. There were only two times in my life where I got tickets I did not deserve. I took them both to court and won.

If you drive 5 MPH above the limit on a freeway or highway, your normally ok. On surface streets it’s a different story. More pedestrians get hit by cars on these streets than any others, so the speed limit will be enforced.

There is a town very close to ours whose speed limits are 25 MPH on every single street. If you go 30, you get nailed, something I had the misfortune of learning first hand. 25, and no more. And guess what? You almost never hear about pedestrians being hit in this town.

So, I must conclude that it works. None of us like to drive 25, but it does save lives so it is worthy. We live on a busy street which is also limited to 25 MPH. There are people constantly getting tickets for doing 40 or more in a clearly posted  25 zone. There are quite a few children in this neighborhood and they must be protected.

So whenever I see police officers having coffee or lunch somewhere, I always extend a hand in gratitude for what they do and all of the crap they get from the citizens whom they serve. Their faces light up and a smile appears. They are so grateful for a simple thank you.

People always thank firefighters, as they should, the same with military personnel. Just take the time to thank a police officer when they least expect it and see what happens. Oh, one more important thing approach them from the front. I learned that the hard way.

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