You Hit Me!!!

In some parts of the world, people still pray in the streets. In this country, we call those people pedestrians.
Most of us have cell phones and text our friends and loved ones, even though it’s illegal. It’s a fun way to communicate, but not while driving. Everyone around us is at risk when we decide to write or even read text messages. Read? Really?

I just saw a study of the effects of distraction with those who write and read texts, and the test results indicated that the state of distraction is the same as driving drunk. Seriously? That bad?

Most smart phones have programs to automatically send a response to the author of a text that you are unable to text at the moment because you are driving.

There is nothing worth taking a chance of hurting or taking the life of someone that can’t wait until we have finished driving. No one is that important, no matter what we think. Unless it’s a text from someone that you’ve been dying to go out with. You’ll be so giddy that you won’t care about the danger you and others are in. Pull over and text if it’s an emergency!


People are hit in sidewalks, rear ended in rush hour traffic, while others are injured by running off the road or by over corrected and rolling the vehicle, injuring or killing either themselves and/or both.

That being said, there has to be tremendous restraint in intentionally texting exes (I’m very fortunate to get along with my former wives) or others that we are not particularly fond of. That’s just wrong, no matter how you might feel. Take a deep breath and let it go unti later.

Texting and using social media is fun, but just like any other form of communication can generate intense feelings. These feelings can sidetrack us just enough to cause a catastrophe. Again, just not worth it.

I remember seeing people reading books in rush hour traffic, long before texting came to be. They were the distracted drivers of yesteryear, and caused many crashes and tragedies. Driving is serious business. People are the most valuable to us and yet it’s amazing how lax we can be with their health or lives.

In high school, my friends and I would ride in a friend’s car, a very fast GTO, or “goat”, as they were called. One night, the driver was driving very fast up a hill, unaware that there was a four way stop at the top. The car was airborne as it reached the top of the hill. Luckily, the only car there was a police cruiser. Naturally, he pulled the car over. 

We thought the driver was going to jail, for sure. What the officer did, however, was much more effective. He looked inside the car and asked our friend, “Are these your friends?” The driver said yes and the officer said “Why don’t you start acting like it.” I’ll never forget that, and that was the end of that behavior.

Let’s just try to remember that each time we decide to read or write a text, we’re very close to changing lives negatively and forever.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to stop typing before I hit someone.



3 thoughts on “You Hit Me!!!

  1. Great pay-off line.
    Your words are very true though.
    Last year there was a photo doing the rounds taken by passenger in a lorry of a driver reading a book as they sped along at 60 mph.
    After a break from driving of 40 years I find the sheer terror at seeing other speeding vehicle concentrates my mind wonderfully. (Think both white-knuckled hands gripping the steering wheel)

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