State Your Name!!

When I was a kid it I was always in trouble. We were memorizing the states one day when the teacher asked me to name them. I named 40. He said when he was my age he could name them all. I told him that was unfair because when he was my age there were only 13.

It was like I had no filter at school. It seemed like I was always in the principal’s office for something I had done. Fortunately, he thought most of the things I said were funny so we would laugh and talk. No punishment ever.

Whatever the case. I mentioned before that I was severely beaten by a big bully in Jr High while he was the principal. He always felt bad that something like that happened under his watch so we became very close. The next year he moved to the high school as principal. 

He is a great man who I admire to this very day. His son was also a good friend. Ah, those were the days. I loved high school. I also loved elementary school. Would you believe I was a straight A student in sixth grade?


Something happened when I got to Jr. High. I stopped caring about grades and focused instead on making people laugh. Something I never stopped. I became popular as a result. My senior year I was voted ASB vice president and the highly coveted Mr. Senior award. Why? Because I made people laugh.


Even though I never intended to, I guess that’s why I excelled as a comedian. I wish I could relive the high school days,but I guess that’s what memories are for. It helps that many of my friends are on Facebook so I still get to communicate with them and I still make them laugh.

I guess I’ll just be thankful for that.


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