Seriously? Who??

I lost a tooth. I told my dentist to put one in that matches the other ones. He gave me a tooth with four cavities.  ~Rodney Dangerfield 

I recently had knee replacement surgery. While I began the recovery process, which is pretty tough, I got a get well card with five personal get well wishes hand written inside. Who sent it to me? The staff at the dental office where I go. 

Wait a minute! The dental office?? I’ve only been there once! They remembered that I was having knee surgery?? And they sent a personalised card?? Is that even legal?? To say that I was dumbfounded is an understatement! I had to keep checking, just to be sure it was true. 

I’m going to Monarch Dental in Riverdale, Utah today. I’m convinced that they are the best. Why? It was the only get well card that I received! They really care! I highly recommend this office if you want great dental care by people who really care. For readers abroad, please disregard.

I’m actually looking forward to going today, even though I have several cavities that are going to be filled. I know! I am blessed to be treated by professional people who really care. As you know, that is pretty rare. Now I can add the dental team to that amazing list of wonderful people!

Get ready, Monarch Dental. I’m coming in, coffee breath and all!


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