I Didn’t Know!!

Light bulbs do not emit light, they absorb darkness.  

Most people think that when a light bulb fails to emit light that it’s burned out. Not true. It is filled with darkness. It’s obvious. When you look at a “burned out” bulb, what do you see? Darkness.

There is proof. It’s simple. When the bulbs are filled with darkness and thrown out, they are picked up at land fills and placed in large, weighted crates. The crates are then taken out to sea, and dropped into the ocean.

As the crates descend, the water pressure increases and the bulbs begin to explode. As they explode, the darkness escapes and that is why the bottom of the ocean is so dark.

In addition, as the bulbs explode, the repercussion causes the waves we see on the surf off of the beach. The larger bulbs explode with much more velocity, causing tsunamis and lesser floods. This is why they are called flood lamp bulbs.

Would you like more science? If you went into a room and painted two walls blue, and two walls yellow and then put in a green light bulb, would the room disappear?

Green is an evil and dangerous color. Green makes many things disappear and appear, as well. Making the room disappear is only one of it’s evil qualities. It is widely known that television programs and films use green screens to make things appear to be there, but they’re not.

Be careful. If light bulbs and colors can be this misleading and potentially dangerous, what else is lurking in plain view? I’ll continue to investigate and report my findings. This must be the reason God put me on this planet.


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