I’m Rich!! Well, Sort Of…

I have a friend who recently lost his grandfather. He was 88 and had lived a good life. Just before he passed he said, “I’m leaving you my farm and 25 million dollars”. My friend was floored. “That is so generous! I didn’t even know you had a farm. Where is it”? The old man said,”Facebook”.

With as many invitations I get from people wanting to give me stuff on Facebook, it really makes me wonder how many of us live in a fantasy world when we can. I’m not judging. I do the same thing with other games. I just don’t send invites to get farther ahead in the game. 

I began to think about why we get lost in fantasy games. Is it that we don’t like our job? We’re bored staying at home? Are we avoiding our spouse? Does it somehow make up for the inadequacies we feel about our lives?

No matter. I’m concerned with any of us who feel the need to escape. I realize we all need an escape mechanism from time to time. That’s natural, I think. But for those who are escaping on a regular basis, no matter how – gaming, alcohol, drugs, porn, etc; there lies trouble in your future. 

It’s not uncommon for a person to lose their spouse who can’t take it anymore. Some lose their jobs by missing work or playing their obsessive game at work. Others lose all of their friends, except on line friends or supposed friends at the bar. 

My father is a good example. He was an alcoholic. He would hang out in bars instead of spending time with his family or would stay home and get drunk. Either way, he was escaping his life at a great cost. 

Finally, his doctor told him that if he didn’t stop it would kill him. That got his attention. He stopped immediately. He still wanted to hang out with his “friends” at the bar but they kept encouraging him to drink alcohol. Even after he told them he couldn’t because it would kill him, they continued to badger him. He sadly realized that these were never friends, just drunks escaping from their lives. 

Everyone has a story that brought them to the place of feeling the need to escape. I just hope that if you are one of the escape artists, this will hit you between the eyes and cause you to pause long enough to see what you’re losing or risking by your method of escape. Most things in moderation is a good compass. 

Please think about it and let me know if this post moved you. 


4 thoughts on “I’m Rich!! Well, Sort Of…

  1. It did. Me, I’m a bit of a dreamer, and that can be in its own sly insidious little way a bit corrosive. If not careful can go the Walter Mitty way and waste precious thought time. So I will try and fight to fight and keep my imagination side on writing and the practical side on what needs to be done.
    Good post, reminding us all to use our time well and constructively.


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