But I Still Have Checks!!

I have a friend who’s son just turned 17, got his first job and checking account. One day he came into the house in a rage. He said, “Dad, you have me terrible advice! You told me to put my money in the bank and now they’re going under”! How do you know that? “Because they just returned one of my checks because of insufficient funds”!

I Remember the old days when you had to balance your checkbook. I never did. As long as I spent less money than I deposited, I would be fine. It worked out just fine. 

I know people who still manually balance their checkbook the old fashioned way. In the day of technology, there’s just no reason for it. If you want to know if a specific check has cleared, you just log on and check it out. The only thing to really keep track of are outstanding checks and debits so you don’t overspend. 

Or, you can throw caution to the wind and roll the dice. Just set up direct deposit and spend until it’s gone. That would be great fun until you have to start paying fees. Then, not so much. They add up quickly. If you keep doing it, the bank will close your account and make it nearly impossible to get another checking account. 

You might even end up in jail where you don’t even deal with checks. Cash only in the joint. I don’t think I would want to bounce a check to a guy named Spike. Our anyone, for that matter. 

Ok. I’ve just convinced myself to start manually balancing my account. I don’t want to do hard time. 


3 thoughts on “But I Still Have Checks!!

  1. Every year we buy two very large appointment diaries, and at least once a week, we write up the amount in the account and the amounts due to go out of the account and so we feel we are keeping an eye on the money.
    And then we go and spend like loons (well-restrained loons), or use a credit card.


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