It’s a Beautiful Day For a Cheater!!

A rookie pitcher was struggling so that catcher walked out to talk to him. “I’ve figured out your problem. You always lose control at the same point in every game. Right after the National Anthem”.

It’s back! It’s here! America’s favorite past time. It’s baseball season! Throw out the first pitch and let’s play ball! The grass is perfect, the infields are ready. Sure, it’s a long 162 game season that wraps up in October, but by that time, we’re ready for NFL football!

They say that Christmas is the the best time of the year, but I’m not buying it. It’s obviously now. There are so many interesting strategies, fill-in the right players when someone goes down with an injury. 

When do you go for a home run or a single. Is your pitcher out of gas. Is it time to deflate the balls — oh, my bad. You can’t do that in baseball. There other ways to cheat on baseball. Like the spit ball. There have been guys who use different kinds of lubricants in today’s game. 

Plus guys are taking enhancement drugs to hit the ball harder and throw the ball harder. Some big named players have been allegedly caught. 

I’m happy I’m not that judge handling the proceedings. I would be complimenting the guys because I’m such a big fan. I would get my picture taken with each one just before I declared them guilty. Somehow I don’t think they would be so accommodating after begin found guilty. 

Like Barry Bonds. I am a Detroit Tiger and San Francisco Giants fan. I didn’t want Barry to be guilty, but in my opinion, he is. What a horrible let down. I don’t think his home run records should stand. The hall of fame, too. 

Tom Brady too. How many times have the Patriots cheated? Who knows? They’ve been caught a few times, so how many times were they simply not caught? In all fairness, many NFL teams cheat but don’t get caught.

I think if I was going to cheat on football games I would tether the ball with a large rubber band so if the receiver dropped the pass, it would should shoot straight back to my hands and can throw the ball or run. I would be unstoppable. Hall of fame for sure. 

It would be easy to see who gets caught this year or what punishment will be doled out to Brady. If it were up to me, I would make him stand in the corner with his back to the game for an an entire season. That ought to do it. A major punishment. And no Capri Sun either. 

2 thoughts on “It’s a Beautiful Day For a Cheater!!

  1. Love that football idea!
    I hope they start showing baseball again on UK TV, my current knowledge revolves around Charlie Brown out of Peanuts and the poem ‘Casey At The Bat'(in its various MAD magazine versions)

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