There’s Nothing Like a Good Swift Fall on a Treadmill!!

This year on April Fools Day, I called one of my ex wives and angrily told her that I wanted a divorce. No matter what she said I was insistent and kept raising my voice. Then the cops arrived. Apparently you can’t do that. But I got a restraining order out of it so it was OK. 

On April Fools Day, you need to be on guard for pranks all day long. Trust nothing and no one. Trader Joe’s announced they were going out of business. I freaked out because they did it on March 31st. That means you can’t even trust people before Anna after the actual Fools Day. 

So imagine my surprise when Taylor Swift sent out an Apple commercial through Twitter showing her falling on a Treadmill. It looked very real. 

Click here to watch Taylor Swift treadmill
Early Friday morning, Taylor Swift woke up and tweeted out an ad for Apple Music, in which she raps along to Drake and Future’s “Jumpman” while running. That in itself is pure comedy, but make sure to watch to the 47-second mark when Swift wipes out.  

This is one reason why I don’t get on a treadmill. I’ve never heard of anyone getting injured in a plush recliner. Well, except for getting a finger gutted like a trout from a dog bite. That was pretty weird so I had to change my place off safe leisure to the couch. 

I do run the stairs and by stairs, I mean two. Can’t be too careful with your cardiovascular system. If you’re not used to running, bad things can happen. I’ve had three knee surgeries, finally an artificial knee. All because I wanted to run a 5K. 

Some people run a lot and feel good, work through injuries, etc. I’m not that guy. I’m have an attitude more like that of Taylor Swift. But the commercial was released on April Fools’ Day and it is so well-produced, I have no reason to believe it’s real. It really doesn’t matter anyway. It’s very funny!


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