Truly Gifted!!

Interviewer: “So, what would you say is your greatest weakness “? “Um, I would have to say honesty”. “Really? I would think honesty would be a good quality”. “Yeah? Well I don’t care what you think”.

Of course I must begin with a joke. 

Today, I have the pleasure of interviewing a truly remarkable person. First, a little background. Her name is Kally Tay and you can find her incredible blogs in a few places, most notably at: 


She has won 15 awards for her blogs compared to my, ahem none. There are reasons for these worthy accolades. 

* Kally thank you so much for agreeing to this interview. 
It is my pleasure to be here! And thank you for taking time to interview me. 

* How did the wonderful “Middle Me” come to be?


Well, in the long story short, MiddleMe was born because I have always been helping my colleagues, advising them, guiding them to advance in their careers. When I left the corporate world, I thought to myself ‘Hey! I have so much experience and stories to share, now I have the time, why not pay it forward.’ 

MiddleMe has now evolved into an online career magazine with parts like ‘A Word of Advice’ where people write in to me anonymously seeking career advice, Relocation Matters where I talked mostly about when I relocated to Shanghai and now Kuala Lumpur, Self Improvement Hacks where I throw out free tips and tricks, the popular Freelancing Corner where I post articles dedicating that area, Guest Posts where I seek interesting and positive career related articles from other writers and of course, an interview column where I interview all walks of life with all kinds of jobs, to allow my readers to see the pros and cons of different roles. 

* From reading your blog, it is apparent that you know a great deal about business. How did you glean this wealth of information?

I stepped in the workforce pretty young. I had my first part time job at 15, not at a regular burger joint but at YMCA Hotel, as a telephone operator on weekends. The moment I can, with my parents’ blessings, I left school early because I believe the world is my learning institution and not sitting in a classroom. I did it the other way around, I did my studies at night and work in the day. 

* What caused you to feel the need to share the information with others?

I got lucky. Along the way of swimming in muddy waters trying to find dry land, I met a lot of great mentors who helped, advised and believed in me. They inspired me to do great things and climb greater heights, gave me opportunities and trust me to do the right thing. I wouldn’t be me without them, they certainly played a huge part. This has made me want to pay in forward and share the wisdom and the graciousness that my mentors have shown me. Moreover, I have been a manager for a long time so guiding and inspiring my team is like a second nature to me. With a platform like MiddleMe allows me to do that with a wider audience

* It is so obvious that you truly care about others. If there was a message wrapped up in one sentence for everyone, what would that be?

Everything starts from a single word – You and you can make the change, no matter how small or big the impact is, it is still change. 

Kally, thanks so much for taking the time to talk to me!

You can always find Kally’s amazing work on Word Press. 


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