Death Penalty or Not??

Nothing to joke about in this subject matter. 

John Battaglia will die tonight from a lethal injection cocktail administered by the state of Texas. 

There has been a long history of domestic violence between John Battaglia and his wife Mary Jean Pearle. It was May 2, 2001. The girls no doubt were excited about spending time with their Dad. 

The court was unaware that there was a history of domestic violence so they granted Battaglia unsupervised visitation of the two little girls, Liberty and Faith, ages 6 and 9. There had been a long history of domestic violence. Liberty wanted to be a ballerina, while Faith loved to make people laugh. 

The children were on the phone with their mother when the unthinkable happened. At trial Mary had to relive it all again as she testified “And then I hear Faith go, ‘No, daddy! Please don’t do it!’ And I heard [gunfire], and I hear him yell: ‘Merry F—ing Christmas!'”

The children were gone. Why? No one really knows. There was obviously some psychosis going on (no excuse) because the police arrested him a couple of hours later outside a tattoo parlor where he had just gotten tattoos off two roses, one for each of the little girls. 

In an interview with ABC News, Pearle talked about that moment. “It’s the most empty feeling you could ever have in your life. They are everything. All your hopes and dreams … everything is gone,” she said.

Of course The murders sent shock waves through the community. Lawmakers were outraged, and a law was changed. It is now mandatory for judges to ask about a history of violence during divorce proceedings.

Sometimes in of the rubble off seemingly destroyed lives comes something good. That’s true in this case. The Family Place opened Faith and Liberty’s Place, where parental visits are supervised by armed off-duty police officers. It also provides a safe place for parents to turn their children back to the custodial parent and visa versa. 

So, John Battaglia will die tonight. 

I know that many of you fall one one side or the other on capital punishment. I’m sort of on the fence on this one. If he is remorseful, would it better to spend the rest of his miserable life behind bars thinking about what he did while receiving punishment doled out by angry inmates. 

What do you say?


2 thoughts on “Death Penalty or Not??

  1. In the UK the death penalty was abolished back in 1964 (I think).
    My own notions of Punishment for crimes of this sort are best not aired in public..
    Suffice it to say, in my book he’s getting off easy.
    Until of course he has to account for his actions to a Higher Court


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