I Need You to Charge Me!!

A woman was praying one night and said to God, “Lord please cause my husband to love me, be concerned about me, spend more time with me, sleep closer to me and be concerned about every little thing about me, even the smallest of scratches”. God turned her into a smart phone. 

In today’s world, it’s so easy to get caught up in the cyber world. We’re very concerned about the well being of our SMART Phones. We take extra precautions to be sure it stays perfectly in tact. Sometimes we take better care of our phones than we do with our significant other. 

We make sure it has enough energy to function properly, we feel completely lost when We can’t be with out it. I seriously think consideration should be given toward marriages to smart phones. There are even upgrades, which is perfectly acceptable in the cyber world. 

There is even constant bombardment of ads trying to get us to cheat. What does a modern day couple do after a long day at work? Talk to their spouse? Nope. They pull out the smart phone and get on Facebook to complain about their long day. 

It’s pretty sad when you need to check social media to find out what’s going on with your spouse. And yet, that’s what happens in today’s world. I haven’t heard of a divorce yet caused by a smart phone but it’s got to be coming. It will go something like: “And why are you wanting to bring this marriage to an end”? “Your honor, she used my upgrade so now I have to wait another 18 months for my next upgrade”.

And what about the kids? They all have their own and their phones are much more important to them than you are. Deal with it. Texting, Facebook, Instagramā€¦ it doesn’t matter. There are far too many programs for which you must compete.   

Well the cyber family is alive and well right here and now. We take them to special occasion dinners and other celebrations all of the time. When on stage, the audience is politely asked to turn off their cell phones. Right. They might have them on vibrate, but believe me, They’re on. 

Just one more reason to bypass conversation with the person who is supposed to your best friend. What a shame. Maybe these devices aren’t smart after all. 

5 thoughts on “I Need You to Charge Me!!

  1. Oh, but this was a smart post. All too true sadly, although we try and keep the disruption and intrusion in our household to a minimum. There’s no doubt though that the humble “smart phone” has changed the way we live forever.

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