Joanie Loves Chachi Who Loves Trump??

Scott Baio, of Happy Days and Charles in Charge, tonight became the latest celebrity to endorse a presidential candidate––and that candidate is Donald Trump.

After talking about how he campaigned for Ronald Reagan, Baio revealed his endorsement to Jeanine Pirro. He explained that he’s a conservative independent tired of the GOP who just wants to see Trump “go into Washington and blow it up.”

He said that while he likes Ted Cruz and John Kasich, he wants a Republican who can actually fight back and “relentlessly attack Hillary,” rather than staying above the fray like past Republican nominees.

He also claimed that some of his liberal Hollywood friends are more conservative than they think but they just hate the word “Republican.”

I knew Scott in my Hollywood days. One night we talked showbiz and then politics, so I knew he is a Republican. No offense to Scott but what kind of weight can he pull? How long ago was Charles in Charge?

I know he still works behind the scenes in the business, but let’s face it, it’s not like George Clooney suddenly came out in favor of the guy. Star power equals influence in Hollywood, so I wouldn’t freak out because Scott Baio is going to vote for Donald Trump. 

I love what Tom Hanks said to David Letterman on his show right before an election. Letterman asked which candidate he was endorsing and Hanks simply said that he was just an actor and if anyone voted for someone just because he did, that would be kind of stupid. 

I am voting for Robert Culp as a write in candidate. He seems Presidential to me. Sure, he was led into corruption in “The Pelican Brief”, but that was scripted. Yeah, I think we should all do that. 

Can you imagine what his reaction might be of it worked? He goes to sleep on election night, wakes up in the morning and nearly chokes on his espresso and toasted bagel when he hears the news. That would be a complete disaster for our country, but you have to admit it would be funny for a few months. 


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