Kids Should be Heard and Not Seen!!

I think that all baseball shirts should be made in New Jersey.

According to, Adam LaRoche says he wasn’t going to play in 2016 without son present. He is supported by his teammates over such a ridiculous decision. If it had been an insurance insure, that would be one thing, but that was not the issue. Here’s a quote. 

Sox manager Robin Ventura: “My respect for LaRoche is unwavering”.
Adam LaRoche released a statement via his Twitter account Friday, saying he felt the need to address the controversy over his sudden retirement and “provide my perspective.”

In his statement, LaRoche said that before he signed his two-year, $25 million contract with the Chicago White Sox last year, “my first question to the club concerned my son’s ability to be a part of the team. After some due diligence on the club’s part, we reached an agreement” and there were no problems with his son’s presence in the clubhouse in 2015.

Then White Sox executive vice president Kenny Williams advised LaRoche this spring that he had to “scale back” the amount of time his son spent in the clubhouse.

“Later, I was told not to bring him to the ballpark at all,” LaRoche said. “Obviously, I expressed my displeasure toward this decision to alter the agreement we had reached before I signed with the White Sox.

“Upon doing so, I had to make a decision. Do I choose my teammates and my career? Or do I choose my family? The decision was easy, but in no way was it a reflection of how I feel about my teammates, manager, general manager or the club’s owner Jerry Reinsdorf.

“The White Sox organization is full of people with strong values and solid character. My decision to walk away was simply the result of a fundamental disagreement between myself and Ken Williams.”

LaRoche said in his statement that the 2016 season “was likely to be the last year of my career, and there’s no way I was going to spend it without my son.”

LaRoche said his son has been in the clubhouse each of the past five seasons, with both the Washington Nationals and White Sox, “a privilege I have greatly valued.” Or that’s what Chicago White Sox management seem to feel. 

Personally, I think the decision stinks, especially since they agreed to it. I guess he should have had it written in his contract. Along with exactly 29 Concord grapes, chilled to exactly forty degrees before every game. You always need to have at least one crazy request in your contract. 


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