Yikes!! Fired by the Pope???

I think that getting fired by the Pope would pretty much wrap up your career. 

Carlo Maria Vegan, Vatican Ambassador to the United States, was fired by the Pope for blindsiding him with a meeting with Kim Davis during his visit to the US. Davis is the county clerk jailed for refusing same-sex marriage licenses in Rowan County, Kentucky.

How in the world would you find another job? What would you put on your resume after getting fired by the Pope? Vegan is 75 so I doubt that he’ll be seeking employment elsewhere, but what if he did?

With his age and recent termination, he would most likely only qualify to be a greeter at Walmart. Even that might be a stretch. At least the interview would be funny. “So, what was your last job?” “The  Vatican Ambassador to the United States”. “Ha ha. Seriously, what did you do”? 

Then he would need to be clever about his reason for leaving. You can’t just say that you were fired by the Pope. Maybe, “Um, tithing has been down so they had to downsize”. Or “The Pope just didn’t like me”. Or maybe “I made fun of his hat”.

Whatever the reason, I just don’t think gainful employment is in his future. 


6 thoughts on “Yikes!! Fired by the Pope???

  1. Enjoyed this; like all good comedy it speaks a lot of truths Being Catholic and reading the catholic press I’d go for the middle one. Pope Francis is rocking the boat and the traditionalists don’t like it, so they try and ‘pull a fast one’ on him.
    You know the old one ‘Is The Pope Catholic?’….well in some catholic circles the answer is ‘no’

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      1. How about this one. We’ve got a ‘fringe’ Catholic bishop in the UK who once claimed that gay ‘inclinations’ in men are caused by women wearing trousers (You couldn’t make this stuff up!)


      2. And he claims that the Sound of Music was pornography (maybe he unwittingly let slip that he has a secret ‘thing’ about Nuns)…The UK catholic press liked to quote him to keep the readers amused, until he went too far and said the Holocaust never happened.

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