I’ll Get Even With You!!

I’ve heard that revenge is best served cold. I’ve also heard that revenge is sweet. So if I want revenge from now on I’ll go to Baskin Robbins. 

Who needs an excuse to have some ice cream? It’s so delicious! I think the problem is the quantity we consume. I’m just as guilty as anyone. When I was a kid, we had big bowls of ice cream. Imagine my surprise when I was on my own and went to a friend’s house for dinner and his mom said we were having Rocky Road. 

Awesome, I thought! I was expecting a great big bowl of my favorite ice cream. Then she brought it out. The were two tiny scoops in a small bowl. I was so disappointed. That is unti I began to realize that portion control was way out of hand when I was growing up. 

I’ve since learned that it’s not the quantity of revenge…I mean ice cream you have, rather savoring the delicious flavor of the treat. Too bad I haven’t learned to do the same thing with cheeseburgers and fries. 

I’ve cut out hot dogs completely, but to me, I just can’t resist a great burger and the works. I’ve written about a place here called Crown Burgers. For the locals, it’s THE place to go for great fast food, especially their burgers. Their fries are delicious too. Hot, crispy and fresh with lots of fry sauce for dipping. 

Some of you might not be familiar with fry sauce. It was originally invented by an Arctic Citric franchise here in Utah. It’s a mixture of ketchup, mayo (I know!) and a special ingredient that each burger joint ads to attempt to separate itself from the competition. Crown Burgers has the best, I think. It has a touch of hickory in it. 

If I can avoid the cheeseburgers, I’ll be fine. For now, please forgive me I need to get to Baskin Robbins. I just remembered a guy who sucker punched me in the face at school. Ah, revenge is going to be so sweet!


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