I’m Finally Free!!

I have decided I’m not going to focus on my past anymore. So, if I owe you money, tough luck.
Living in the past does a body no good. So why do so many of us do that very thing? My guess is that we are unhappy with what we have accomplished, or failures in our lives.

I certainly have some past issues I would like to have changed. Some, I’ll detail, while others are too personal.

I regret spending less time with my children, as they were growing up. Precious time you can never get back. Even though I have a good relationship with them, I certainly do have that regret.

I would have done an impression of Jay Leno, since it was the reason I didn’t make it as big as I wanted to in Hollywood. When I was shopped around by Sinbad’s agent, the response was, we already have a Leno. I wish I would have created the impression. Make the objection the reason to buy.

I’ve been married 4 times, so you can probably figure that one out. There are others, but I’m learning to live in the present.

I can’t do anything about yesterday, except apologize to those who I may have hurt. That’s the present. That’s why I’m choosing to live in the present. There is far less anxiety if you make that decision. Tomorrow is in the future. It will soon be the present, and can be dealt with as such.

That doesn’t mean we can’t learn from yesterday. For example, I’ll never shoot the behind of a horse with a bb again. I was a dumb 15 year old kid. That was mean, especially when my friend was sitting on him, bareback. That didn’t end well. I learn lessons but try not to dwell on the mistakes I have made. That is a recipe for disaster. So I dwell on the mistakes of others. Much easier. 

That doesn’t mean that I don’t make mistakes today, because I certainly might. It just means they will most likely not be repeats. I had a boss at a radio station who told me that he didn’t care if I made mistakes, just to make them new. I got it, and it proved to be some of the best advice I’ve ever received.

Right now, my focus is on this blog. Nothing else. If I didn’t want to do it, I wouldn’t. I feel no pressure to write it, but it serves as a great outlet.

Do you have one? I highly recommend it. If you have a talent, why not start? I’ve helped so many people, who’s dream was to become a stand up comedian. Some did it to start a new career, while others just wanted to say they had done it. In any case, they lived in the moment and did something they had always wanted to do.

Living in the present also means to stop thinking about what might be going on with others in the now. We can pray, offer to help… whatever, but living in the present means fewer worries and a more meaningful, fulfilling life for you and the people around you.

What ever the case, they took the chance to do the most with today. I once sang on music row, in Nashville. I decided I wanted to do it, so I approached the band and asked them if I could sing a couple of songs with them and they agreed. I was scared to death, but I did it.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a parachute to pack.


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