I’m Going to Slug You!!

There are some species of snails which have enough venim to kill a human being. At first, I was afraid and then I thought,”Wait I just need to able to outrun a snail.”I immediately felt much better.


One day, I  heard a knock on the door. When I opened it , I looked all around And saw nothing. Everything looked to be normal. I looked on the porch matt and there was a snail. The only thing I could think to do was throw it away. 

Three weeks later there was another knock on the door and there was the same snail. I picked it up and threw it even farther than the farther than the first time. 


Weeks went by an then another knock on the door. I opened it and sure enough, there was the snail. I began to reach down to the pick up snail (now his street name) when he yelled at me, “Knock it off! I was just going to ask you to water the lawn a little less frequently so we can stop getting flooded. 


Snails are very strange creatures they are slimy. In fact they leave a trail everywhere they go. This is most likely the reason you don’t see them in the mob. They’re too easy to tail and too hard to hide. Plus, it wouldn’t be fair for the snail because of how slow they are. Even the mob gives guys a sporting chance. 


Then there are slugs. You know, like tiny little Jabba the Hut guys. Although I don’t know if you can really strangle a slug.  Slugs are slimy little creatures born without a house. 


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