You Said “l Don’t”???

Heather and I went out last week and noticed a guy about my age break dancing, moonwalking, back flips, the works. Heather said, “See that guy? 25 years ago he proposed to me and I turned him down.” I said, “Looks like he’s still celebrating!” Definitely the wrong thing to say. 

I love my wife with all of my heart and sometimes I pick on her like today for no apparent reason. I’ve always done it. Even back in my radio days, by the time she arrived at work I had already told a story, sometimes fictional and sometimes not. 

The point is that people were already talking about it when she got there. Most of the time she just thought it was stupid and other times it really bugged her, especially if it was bogus. Sometimes she would call in and argue with me, which was the whole point. It made for fun radio. People loved it!

Most of the time we would just laugh it off but once in a while I really struck a nerve. I didn’t say anything about our sex life or anything else along those lines because it was a clean show and we both despise vulgarity. 

It might have been something I read or heard about that was funny. Many times it was a silly disagreement we had the night before and I would have listeners call in and give me their opinion. Heather would get her friends to call in too and I would bust their chops, all in good fun. 

I miss those days. They were a great deal of fun until the show was over. Then it was pure hell. It’s like having a job that is bipolar. Crazy mood swings, etc. Then one day everything is good and you think things are all better, but it’s Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown to kick it then pulling it away just when he kicks, sending him airborne and falling flat on his back and feeling like an idiot. 

 That is a topic for another day. Today I just want to fill it with good memories. That will make for a wonderful day!


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