Again?? I’m Out of Ideas!!!

I kind of feel like Larry King on his eighth wedding night. I know what to do, but how do you make it interesting. 

I’ve written more than 700 blogs now. I say that not to brag but rather I’m in shock that there is something to write about Web event single day. I sometimes fear that I’ll run out of things to write. Fortunately there are enough bizarre people who make life interesting by the crazy things do and say, especially me. 

In that way, it’s a lot like the stand up comedy world. Panic sets in when you sit down to write. “I’ve got nothing”, I’ve thought so many times. I’m finished. Then I remember what I read in my book, “You’re Funny! You Should Be A Comedian! Suddenly I’m writing a new bit. They just come. I take notes and pretty soon they come together and I have what I think I have something I think is funny. 

Next, I find an open mic night and try the new stuff on a new crowd. Even if I get a laugh on a joke, I will hone it and use it a minimum of six times before trying it out on on a real crowd in a paid showroom. It’s what professionals do. You don’t try out brand new, “iffy” jokes in a live showroom. That’s not what the people are paying ten or fifteen dollars to see. 

Sometimes something funny will just come to me when I’m on stage and on a roll. It works then, but I’ll still try it out at least five more times before I use it again on the main stage just to be sure it wasn’t a fluke. It’s just a professional thing to do. The audience deserves our best and that’s what they should get, every single time. 

Simple. Figure out what they want and give it to them. I don’t care who’s holding the microphone or keyboard, the customer is always the boss. You can control things without getting nasty with them. Help them win by making them part of the show. If you choose to slam them, there are no winners and the rest of the audience will suffer. That’s not good. 


I’ll admit it. Sometimes if I feel particularly bad on a particular day, I will repost one of your favorite blogs. I may not have the energy that day or have doctor appointments all day, or I have a seizure in the morning and it wipes me out for the whole day. Those of you who have our have had them know what I’m talking about. So on those days, I play the hits. Sorry. I just can’t let you down. 

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