Just Give Me a Fighting Chance!! 

Lady: My husband keeps talking in his sleep. Doctor: Just allow him to speak during the day, and he will be alright. 

Isn’t that the truth? Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife dearly and man that woman can talk. Back in the day when I was working and she was home, I would.oattempt to vent about my day. Just a couple of minutes in, she would say, ok your putting me to sleep. I would stop. 

I don’t dare say that to her because I’m smart and want to live a long time. I don’t know why women do things like that. I really don’t. It frustrates the guy to  no end. And in many cases the guy is the bread winner. 

I’m pretty sure it’s because very few men would leave their wife over something so trivial. Affairs? Yes. Going bankrupt? Perhaps. Burning the house down on purpose? Definitely. But listening to her vent about her day? Absolutely not. That’s part of the deal. It’s understood. 

So and so did such and such and such! Unbelievable, I say! How dare she? After all you’ve done for her. That really stinks! Somone should do something about it. I say, “You want me to come down there and take care of the problem?”

No, no. I was just trying to score some additional points, which a married man can always use. He must cash them quickly though because they have a very short shelf life. Choose wisely, guys. Don’t spend them on something stupid. 18 holes of golf is a wise choice. In fact, any habit you enjoy that thinks is stupid would be an outstanding choice.  

I’ve watched in horror as some friends choose date night out of fear. I shake my head and just walk away. What a waste. Plus it’s no secret anymore that he’s completely whipped. Guys like that pee sitting down because they’re afraid  to make a mess in the bathroom. Sad. 

The How can you live in fear that way? I guess they are convinced that if they don’t obey that they will live their life alone.  If they truly believe that it might be very true. Women are very  attracted  to men with confidence. Not  cocky, mind you and not a bragger. Just a subtle air of confidence. 

And be funny. Ladies like it when you make them laugh. Not really crass jokes, but clever ones. She’ll then know that you’re smart and funny.



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